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Joe Mondello Racing Engines is located in Crossville, TN and is owned by Mary Mondello. Joe and Mary moved to Tennessee and opened the new shop here in 2005. Teaching classes about engine building and head porting Joe named this facility the Mondello Tech Center. After his passing in April of 2011 the machine shop and engine building continue as well as the classes. The company was renamed Joe Mondello Racing Engines in the fall of 2011 just before the PRI show.  We are devoted to continuing the legacy that Joe started and kept strong over his many years in this industry and we are pushing to once again be on the leading edge of innovation and record setting engine building.


Joe Mondello and Racing are synonymous with each other. By 1951 Joe was racing at airports and drag strips throughout Southern California. Those were the days when you started a race with a flag man starter, not a Christmas tree. In the early 1950's, before Joe was 17 years old, he had already ported & relieved more than 50 Ford flat head blocks for the finest engine builders of that era.

Joe's first car was a '40 Ford coupe with a 303 c.i.d. flat head Ford along with 4 Stromberg Carbs, Edelbrock heads & manifold and of course, an Engle camshaft. In the 1960's, Joe also worked part time for Carroll Shelby building the performance heads and engines that won the Le Mans Grand Prix. Those Shelby Ford Cobras won 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th places respectively. Traco Engineering, known at the time for extremely fast Indy cars and various sprint cars, utilized Mondello heads exclusively. In those days, the shop's clientele read like a "Who's Who" of drag racing greats.

Today, Chevrolet performance cylinder heads still utilize the identical combustion chamber, which Joe designed in the early 1960's known as the "Posi-Flow" chamber. Joe Mondello designed open chamber big and small block Chevy cylinder heads and pistons long before GM did.

The famed Mondello-Matsubara Blown Fuel Altered won two National Events in the 60's and well into the 70's this was the fastest wedge-head Chevrolet running. They set a record of 7.24 E.T. @ 213 mph at the 1969 Indy U.S. Nationals that still stands today. All of the great drag race cars ran with Mondello heads. The first 7, 6 & 5 second Top Fuel runs and the first 200 mph runs in Top Gas, Top Fuel, Injected Fuel and Fuel Altered classes were all accomplished using Mondello cylinder heads with Don Garlits setting most of these records, making Mondello the most notable, historically recognized head porter and flow specialist.

Joe Mondello has set national records and won events over the years with both cars and boats. During the early 70's, his winning team went to work at the Parker Dam 9 hour Enduro, winning the Jet Boat class with an Olds 455 in 1972 and in 1975 & 1976, back to back wins with a 500 c.i.d. dual-quad big block Chevrolet. Mondello showed his team could excel on the water as well as the dragstrip. Joe's worldwide clientele bears this axiom out; using Mondello heads & engines, they have set every type of record imaginable.

Joe Mondello began doing research & development work for Oldsmobile in 1968 and his ongoing commitment and dedication has merited him the name of "Dr. Oldsmobile". Joe celebrated over 40 years in the high performance manufacturing industry. He gave over 61 years of technology & "hands on" experience to the sport of drag racing.

Joseph Mondello passed away in April of 2011, but he will always be known for designing, building and providing us all with the best high performance products available.

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